OSV Research Unit

Research has always been central to the philosophy of OSV. Our surgeons and research partners have a long and distinguished track record in successful research studies, culminating in many publications in esteemed scientific journals and presentations at meetings around the world.

OSV Research Unit was established in 2012, in association with the School of Medicine at Deakin University. The aim of the partnership was to further develop and improve our research capabilities. We have always recognised the importance of collaboration, which is one of the fundamental principles of our research ethos. As such, we have developed strong links not only with Deakin University but also La Trobe University, the University of Melbourne, and the University of the Sunshine Coast. In doing so, we have created a synergistic relationship, whereby along with our research partners we can study the outcome of surgical treatment using sophisticated technology and translate this information to improve surgical care and rehabilitation for our patients.

Whilst our surgeons each make a substantial annual financial contribution towards our research endeavours, procuring adequate funding is always a challenge. In addition to applying for competitive national grants, OSV works closely with the Epworth Medical Foundation in fundraising initiatives directed towards the general public. Philanthropy from patients, grateful families, and others who have benefited from our care also goes a long way to allowing us perform the beneficial studies displayed in this report. We are most grateful for this support.

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