Admission details

You will be advised by your surgeon’s rooms which hospital location your surgery will be performed.

Admission and fasting times

Please phone the rooms on (03) 9038 5200 on the afternoon prior to surgery (Friday for Monday surgery) with regard to these times. Please note that fasting means nothing to eat or drink. For the safety of your anaesthetic you must observe the fasting time.


Please take all relevant X-rays and scans with you to hospital and remember to take them home again on discharge.

Follow up appointment

A follow up appointment will be made for you at the time your surgery is booked. The appointment card will be given to you prior to discharge from hospital. Please check the location of the follow up appointment carefully. Should the appointment time or location be inconvenient, please contact the office staff to see whether the appointment can be changed.


All surgery carries the risk of complications. These include general complications of surgery as well as specific complications of the particular procedure.

General complications include infection, bleeding and bruising, and venous thrombosis (blood clots in the legs). Precautions are taken routinely to reduce the risk of these complications. Despite this, they will occasionally occur, and may require readmission to hospital.

Complications that are specific to the type of procedure that you are undergoing will have been discussed with you. Should you have any questions, these should be raised prior to surgery.