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Post Operatively

(Arthroscopy Setup)

  • Immediately post operatively the hand is usually quite numb due to local anaesthetic used for the surgery.
  • The hand and wrist will be in a soft dressing and the fingers will be free.
  • It is important to keep the hand elevated after surgery especially in the first 72 hours post op to reduce/limit swelling.
  • Keep the fingers and thumb moving, all the way straight and bent into a fist to limit stiffness and help reduce swelling.
  • May use the hand for light activities as comfortable but avoid heavy activities.
  • Keep the dressing clean and dry.
  • Review at 2 weeks for wound check.
  • Begin Scar massage to soften wounds and desensitize scars.
  • Takes 6 weeks to fully recover.

(Loose Body)


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