Clinical / Research Fellowship in Knee Surgery


Supervising surgeon

Professor Julian Feller

Orthopaedic surgeons

Mr Tim Whitehead, Mr Cameron Norsworthy, Mr Brian Devitt

Research supervisor

Associate Professor Kate Webster (La Trobe University)

Fellowship Description

This fellowship provides a comprehensive exposure to all disorders of the knee.

The fellow will be exposed to all areas of knee surgery, including arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, joint preservation osteotomy and arthroplasty, as well as some trauma including major ligament disruptions. In total, the fellow will attend four surgical sessions per week as a surgical assistant.

At Box Hill Hospital, the fellow will be the primary surgeon at one operating list per week and will attend one outpatient clinic per week.

There is a strong focus on clinical research and there are research links with La Trobe University. The fellow will be expected to devote at least three sessions per week to research activities, and contribute to at least one paper suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

Overall this fellowship provides a world-class experience in all aspects of knee surgery with an excellent balance between clinical and research activities.

For further information visit the Australian Orthopaedic Association Accredited Fellowships webpage.